Activity Videos

Striped Marlin Battle

Harvester WINS 2019 Ship of Fools Tournament - Nosara, CR

Explorer WINS 2017 Ship of Fools Tournament - Nosara, CR

Blue Marlin Jumping

Fishing in Costa Rica

Big Blue Marlin Release

Sailfish on the Adventurer

Costa Rica Fishing Trip of a Lifetime - Nosara, CR

Multiple Marlin and Sailfish

Battlin' Blue Marlin - Nosara, CR

Aggressive Marlin Battle

Blue Marlin Capture

Multiple Sailfish Releases

Whales, Sailfish, and Rooster Fish

Inshore Highlights

POV Fishing

Dorado Sushi

180lbs. Yellowfin Tuna on the Harvester

The Discoverer Project - Full Movie

The Harvester Project - Full Movie